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Aya no Michi ([personal profile] starlight_fairy24) wrote on July 27th, 2011 at 01:13 pm
Your nickname that you wanna be called: Aya ^^
your age: 17
your gender:Female
Your Country:i live in jordan nowadays ^^
Your hobbies:
Your Favorite Music Groups:Music cooking writing dancing
Your Favorite Singer:Bands that is HSJ & Arashi
Your Favorite JDrama:so far I am in love nowadays with ikemen desu ne but I LOVE HANA KIMI
Your Favorite JMovie:...... didn't find one that I love the most yet >< "Chii hasn't been in a movie that I watched yet"
Shows or stuffs that you Loves:I love Managa, sometimes anime is ok ,I love Chii and and and and.... I dunno
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